13th May 2016

See Mike's news for details of latest on Dynamis

5th April 2016

Dynamis flys!

On Easter Sunday 2016 we flew the first flight worthy software version of Dynamis and it does exactly what our theory said it should. We get good total energy compensation, a very fast variometer and complete insensitivity to horizontal gusts.

See Mike's news for more details.

21st December 2015

Borgelt Instruments is on summer holidays until around the 18th of January 2016.

We will be contactable by cellphone or email. Advice will be available but limited support and data.

20th December 2015

Dynamis development has been protracted and delayed. The project is now back on track and we should complete flight testing around the end of February.

See Mike's News for more detail.

14th July 2014

Dynamis our revolutionary airmass sensor is at the first small scale production stage. Real time, smooth variometer like vertical airmass motion, a “natural netto” plus real time wind vector(speed and direction) in all flight phases.

We're working on a radical new cockpit display for this!

In the meantime all the vario range is in production and on short delivery times.

18th December 2013

The B900 is in production! A linear scale version of the B700.

A new GCD layout will soon be available for the B600 and B800.

Dynamis, our horizontal gust insensitive add on for the B600/B800 is making progress. Excellent Total Energy compensation without gust sensitivity. A breakthrough technology in sailplane instrumentation. More test flying in the New Year.

It has been a busy year.

See Mike's News for more details

18th December 2013

Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!

We will be on email but there may be some limits to support until the middle of January as we are on a break.

20th February 2013

A new version of the B800 Operating Manual is now available(See Manuals – B800). This also incorporates the B600 linear scale version of the B800.

The GCD program has been modified to allow database selection without power cycling and for task programming. See B800 Manual for details.

Download new manual, PC support program and new GCD program from this site.

New small speakers are available for all our variometers.

The B300/B400 rear cockpit repeater now incorporates a volume control to operate in parallel with the one on the main instrument.

4th July 2012

Two new variometer announcements:

The B300 club variometer, a lower cost, simplified B400 for club two seaters and early solo gliders which local soar.

Same great audio but “up”only, no averager unless you use our DAD, no standby power provision.

Yes the green “things are getting better” light is still there and you can fit a repeater in two seaters.

The B600 replaces the B500b. It is a linear scale version of the B800 without the digital display in the dial. It runs B800 software and is in the B800 upgrade path as a result.

See Mike's news for more.

24th April 2012

See Mike's News page for results of recent test flying on a new concept in Total Energy.

For developers, the B800 interface document and PC simulator is now in the software section under B800.

B800 PC Support software is there also.

28th October 2011

If you are using Firefox you may experience some difficulty in viewing the latest manuals unless you clear the browser history. The latest B800 manual is up and is dated October 2011. If you are seeing the August version when using Firefox, clear the cache or use Internet Explorer to confirm that the October version is there.

24th October 2011

The latest B800 manual is now available on this website. A few changes were made to the B800 software to better accommodate operation with the Oudie or similar and one small change to the GCD operation - the first 3 pages are now considered “operational” and cycle on momentary button presses.

See also Mike's news for more customer reaction to the B700.

20th October 2011

The Naviter Oudie should be capable of working bi-directionally with the B800 in the next software release!

A B800 – Oudie - Flarm combination makes for a very reasonably priced full capability system with an outstanding variometer and color moving map system running well known and well proven software. Our new low cost Oudie Interface Module makes this possible by combining B800 Air data with Flarm GPS and target information. See image at right of Oudie and 80mm B800.


11th September

For the month of September 2011 we are having a special sale on B700 variometers for Australian and NZ customers.

A$792 including GST for Australians. A$720 (no Australian GST for New Zealanders) plus shipping.

Our phone is back working and our internet connection is better than ever. The mice sometimes get hungry and gnaw the wires!


30th August

Our phone line has been having some trouble for the last 10 days or so. Currently the fixed line is diverted to the cellphone.

Internet and email are working OK and we're promised a fix in the next couple of days.

New article on GPS vs Pressure Altitude is on the website under “articles”. HTML and pdf versions.

There seems to be some confusion in the soaring community about this and hopefully this will make things clear.

Please let me know if you think it needs revision.


19th August

B800 vario systems now shipping!

Check out this newly developed instrument system.


16th May 2011

Congratulations to Adriaan Oudhuis on his contest win with his B700!

See Mike's News for details.


22nd March 2011

B700 variometers now shipping!

Also: New UK dealer, Steve Pozerskis

See Mike's News Items

2nd February 2011

New variometers announced!

B700 and B800. See Mike's News Items for further details and note the images on this page.


12th January2011

Toowoomba and South East Queensland floods.

We survived without damage or loss. See Mike's page for further details.


9 - November 2010

Dealer for the Benelux countries:


Please see dealer list


14-October 2010

Please note new Post Office box Address:

Borgelt Instruments

PO Box 4607

Toowoomba East


Australia 4350


1- May -2010

Check our dealer list for new details of how to buy Borgelt products in the UK.

You can buy FACTORY DIRECT with great deals for the current Northern season.

Contact us now!

New model B500-B software released. See Software page for details.

New versions of the B500 GCD program in both card and no card versions issued. These are needed for compatibility with a new model GPS unit HP-GPS-2.

Version 1.0.97 of B500Setup_NoCard.exe issued. Fixes problem with Customer mode not correctly recognising versions.

Version 1.0.95 of B500Setup_NoCard.exe issued. Automatically selects correct program for different SP versions.

New version B500Setup_NoCard.exe issued. Fixes problem with updating certain older B500 versions.

Updated B500 manual released.

B500 Setup program updated for both GCD-1 and GCD-2

B2500 User program fix issued.

B500 program update to fix intermittent LED flash in meter

Articles slightly revised and edited. Jet glider article added. More changes shortly. Watch for new product release.

Definitive B500 version released for both card and no card versions. Manual is updated. Wind display handling is changed. See manual for details.

Link on home page added for news items B500 card version updated to fix problem with some polar conversions.

B500Setup for SP and both GCD models updated.

B500Setup for both GCD-1 and GCD-2 updated. Card version now has GCD update facility.

B500Setup for both GCD-1 and GCD-2 released. See software page for details.

B500Setup.exe removed until we resolve a problem

B500Setup.exe upgrade to fix program upload problems

Note added to B500 software instructions

New B500 software and support programs released. GCD now includes Left-Right audio switching.

Bug fix B2000User.exe, program menu items were not being enabled.

26-Jun-06 B500 Software and History pages corrected to version 1.0.30 to bring into line with actual software version. No changes to actual programs.

13-Jun-06 Bug fix, Winpilot data conversion was incorrect for zero degrees East. New versions of B2000Dataloader.exe and B500Setup.exe released to fix common bug in turnpoint upload to B2000 and B500.

B500 Setup program version 1.0.29. Navigation version released.

B500 Setup program version 1.0.21. Fixed problems with GCD not updating data, and NMEA output message corruption.
B500 Navigation version released for beta test. See software page for details.

B500 Setup program version 1.0.18. Fixed problems with upgrading some units.

B2000 software current version 4.18 reissued, was overwritten in last Web update

B500 software update see software page for details

B400 and B500 manuals added
B500 software released
Dealer list updated

Dealer list updated.

B2000 program uploader replaced with latest version. See software page for details.

03-Nov-04 B2000 version 4.14. Maybe corrupted, recompiled and reloaded.

B2000 version 4.14. Bug fixes.

B2000 version 4.10. Self extractor problem. Download the file, and unzip with Winzip or similar.

B2000 version 4.10 released. Download B2000Install.exe from software page.

B2000 beta updated to version 4.10. Available as zip file from software page.

29-Jun-04 updated to version 4.07. Auto Cruise/climb switching now works properly when in Lite mode. Optional cruise/climb switch on RAT enabled in B2000 software.

24-Jun-04 updated to version 4.05. Fixed problem causing occasional database corruption during uploads.

Instrument Manuals and articles now available as PDF format.

13-May-04 updated to version 4.04. Fixed reported bugs. See manual for changes.

B2000.tgu file in was corrupt. Replaced with version 4.03

B2000 beta version 4.02 released. Bug fixes for restart and logging.

B2000 beta version 4.01 released. See software for details.

Advertising pamphlet released as PDF file (290Kb)

New airspace.txt file with more explanation added to software list.
Dealer list and Volkslogger details updated.

02-Dec-03 Minor changes to Bsupport.exe program to include latest ini files. Users who already have the latest programs do not need to update this file.

24-Nov-03 Website updated
Details added to Products page
B2000 manual updated

New version 3.16 B2000 main program released
New version 1.16 B2000Dataloader.exe released, fixed minor problem in airspace plotting

Bsupport.exe updated. Reference to outdated B2000TurnpointUploader.exe removed. Existing B2000 users do not have to re-download this file.

Dealer list updated

JoeyTracks IGC file viewer now released for download - see software page.

B2000setup.ini file updated again, inadvertently loaded older version

15 Jan 2003
B2000setup.ini file updated to latest version for version 3.15
Leaks article added