B40 VARIO/audio/averager

B40 front panel The B40 has become an extremely popular variometer both as a stand by vario in place of a mechanical vario in cross country and competition sailplanes and as a variometer for two seat trainers where students can learn the basic thermalling skills better with an excellent fast response vario with audio to help instill good lookout habits.

A little appreciated feature of the B40 is the remote push button function for the averager. This is in parallel with the averager button on the face of the instrument. You can mount the remote averager select button on the stick, the flap handle, by your left hand on the armrest or in two seaters the instructor can have a toggle switch to turn the B40 visual display into a full time averager if he suspects his student is looking at the display too much instead of using the audio.

Digital Averager
Download B40 manual as PDF: B40man.pdf